End of the World Garden


End of the World Garden is a unique and ambitious artist-led project. A two-acre forest garden site in Cornwall cultivated over the last fifteen years. The project opened in 2016 as a platform for artist residencies, durational transdisciplinary research, and residential seminars exploring land use and post-capital futures. The site hosts a diverse programme of public events, practical workshops in off-grid living, horticulture, ecology, and participatory art commissions.

EotWG is situated five miles from Falmouth in Cornwall at the former site of Chaney’s collaborative project FIELDCLUB.

The site is fully autonomous for energy and water. The gardens provide raw materials for on-site catering, and biofuel planted twelve years ago is now mature enough to be harvested to provide site-grown fuel for cooking. A selection of agricultural buildings house educational/workshop spaces, and camping facilities allow visitors to engage in a year-round programme of activities.

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