2004 - 2012


An experimental 4 acre smallholding and off-grid settlement in the Southwest of the UK.

Chaney lived at FIELDCLUB in a small bender hut with no planning permission for seven years while implementing a model of food production based on a theoretical equal division of available agricultural land (designed using the FieldMachine).

The project generated a realist critique of 'back to the land' utility, and although ultimately failing as an experiment in self-sufficiency, illustrated the principles of dark ecology 'in vivo' as Chaney subjected the praxis of enmeshed living to the prism of artistic practice. Chaney positioned himself as just another species in a geographically restricted food web according to the Hutchinsonian model of biological niche dynamics and documented the ethically problematic results.

The FIELDCLUB project generated a substantial body of artistic research and provided the theoretical and practical substrate for many subsequent works.

Elements of the original experiment were developed in collaboration with curator Kenna Hernly, and £50 — a stray cat that showed up.

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