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Encampment Supreme


Kestle Barton, Cornwall, UK.

A temporary pavilion built to house Kestle Barton's public programme for the 2015-2017 season.

The pavilion is a further development of the Lizard Exit Plan, in which an imagined catastrophic event cuts off Cornwall's Lizard peninsula from the global economy, leading to a comprehensive speculative design projection.

This built structure imagines a scenario where workers in a future zero-fossil fuel agrarian economy have to undertake seasonal migration from the southern end of the Lizard peninsular to harvest crops grown on limited arable grade land in the north. The Lizard Exit Plan's call for temporary accomodation and facilities for drying grain are answered with this building.

The 775 sq.ft. pavilion adheres to the 'apocalyptic vernacular' - Chaney's experimental architectural fusion of post-consumer waste products and locally found natural elements. Featuring scavenged materials including old sailcloth, building waste, reclaimed doors, sash windows, and wooden pallets, the main body of the pavilion is built on a skeleton of locally-harvested willow and sycamore, and uses a 'bender' style construction based on an ancient northern European structure common among nomadic workers.

Link to: Kestle Barton website

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