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Lizard Exit Plan


Kestle Barton, Cornwall, UK

A three year research project detailing how the current population of the Lizard Peninsula in Cornwall (UK) could survive the aftermath of an unspecified apocalyptic event, or just decouple from the economy of global capital for no particular reason.

The Lizard Exit Plan imagined a comprehensive speculative design projection where a catastrophic event cuts off Cornwall's Lizard peninsula, in turn leading to a full scale zero-fossil fuel horse-driven agrarian economy (Transition Towns on speed).

The research resulted in the 76 page 'Lizard Exit Plan' document divided into three main sections: defence, production, and technics. Elements of the research were then dramatised in a series of three cyanotype blueprints, and ten silkscreen prints.

Link to: Kestle Barton website


Lizard Exit Plan Cyanotype prints

Lizard Exit Plan Silkscreen prints over Giclee

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