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End of the World Garden

2014 - present

End of the World Garden is a two-acre perennial forest garden cultivated over the last sixteen years. The garden opened to a limited public in 2016 as a platform for durational transdisciplinary research exploring dark ecologies, late capitalist land politics, and post collapse agrarian futurisms. The site hosts a sparse programme of residential seminars, public events, practical workshops, and collaborative research residencies.

EotWG occupies part of the former FIELDCLUB project site situated five miles from Falmouth in Cornwall, UK. The site is fully autonomous for energy and water. A mix of traditional and perennial horticultures provide raw materials for on-site catering, and coppiced trees provide site-grown fuel for cooking etc. A selection of agricultural buildings house educational/workshop spaces, and camping facilities allow visitors to engage in a year-round programme of activities.

Visit End of the World Garden website here

Photo credit: Anne Bala

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